Shipping Container Arrives in Ghana

On January 17th GhanaHope’s first shipping container arrived at the Timor port in Ghana.  It is now on its way to New Abirem.  We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts Newmont Mining company for providing the funds to make this happen.  We would also like to thank Willamette Valley Medical Center and Seattle Children’s Home Care for donating the majority of the supplies and equipment.

The following equipment was included in the shipment:

11 hospital beds
11 bedside cabinets
4 birthing beds
1 pediatric wheelchair
6 stretchers
1 procedure table
I microscope
2 chairs 1 supply cart
1 magazine shelf
2 lamps
5 suction machines
10 portable suction machines
5 Ohmeda 3900 oximeter
5 VPAP III Bi-level machines
10 Kangaroo Pet feeding pumps w/ charger base and manual
4 Kangaroo 324 feeding pumps w/ manual
5 C/R monitors w/pt cable and electrodes
76 oxygen regulators ( H or J Tanks) various liter flows. Adult and Pediatric


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