Ghana Hope medical team performs surgeries, screenings on recent trip

In October 2012, the GhanaHope medical team was on site at NAGH for ten days. Team members included Dr. Stephen Gordon (plastic and facial reconstructive surgeon), Laurie Gordon (CPA and architect), Rosemari Davis (Ghana Hope president and retired hospital CEO) and Deman Rageh (Ghana Hope executive and trip coordinator.)

Upon arrival the team met the hospital’s new administrator, Sarah Abeagye, and new medical director, Dr. Adams Mahami. Then they got right to work!

In preparation for the visit, Dr. Mahami worked with Dr. Gordon to facilitate the screening of over 70 patients immediately upon his arrival. Through their efforts, and with surgical supplies and medications provided by GhanaHope, Dr. Gordon was able to perform 23 plastic surgery cases. One of these surgeries was the  repair of a cleft lip on a nine year old boy.


More common cases included keloid scar removal and release of contractures caused by burns. Recent follow up with the hospital staff revealed that all surgeries have been successful and there have been no post-operative complications!


Dr. Gordon was highly impressed with the anesthesists and surgery techs who worked with him. He plans to return in six months to provide more teaching and training so that Dr. Mahami and his staff can perform some of these cases independently.

Several badly needed additions have been made to the hospital. A new maternity wing and two inpatient wings are now staffed and open.


However, not all the rooms have beds. Furnishings and equipment are terribly inadequate. GhanaHope  is sending the hospital 11 beds with mattresses and bedside cabinets, four birthing beds and six stretchers. Numerous other supplies and equipment including wheel chairs and microscopes are also enroute to the hospital.

The hospital team and medical team identified goals for future visits. The next team plans to arrive in February 2013 and will include a OB/GYN.

Read more about the October 2012 trip here.




Ghana Hope medical team performs surgeries, screenings on recent trip — 3 Comments

    • We take teams with doctors from the US to work in New Abirem at the hospital. We train the doctors locally at New Abirem Hospital and the nurses, but are not a formal training program. We have so far had teams with a plastic surgeon, OB/Gyn and Family medicine provider at New Abirem Hospital.

      If you have more questions please feel free to contact us

    • We provide training on plastic surgery in country specifically at New Abirem Government Hospital. The next team for plastic surgery will be in July of 2013. Local physicians and residents are welcome to observe and participate on these surgeries. We are there to treat and teach. Inquiry to be sent direct to Hannah at

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