Most recent trip August 7th to the 17th, 2016

August 10th Dubar ceremony of Ghana Hope board member Dr. John Neeld donating equipment to Mercy Quansah, executive director of the Ntiamoah Foundation.

Mercy and John


Ntiamoah Foundation presenting the inventory of 7 40 foot shipping containers to the New Abirem DCE who then presented it to the New Abirem hospital medical Medical Director Dr Osei-bonsu.

Mercy and DCE


DCE and Dr


The inventory included equipment for two complete operating rooms, two X-ray machines, a digital mammography unit, hospital beds, and gurneys.



Additional equipment included much needed general hospital items such as thermometers, blood pressure monitors, linens, storage units, etc and were reviewed by Ghana Hope member Mike Garrison and the Matron of the New Abirem hospital.

Mike Matron


The Ghana Hope Foundation also presented to the Ntiamoah Foundation more than 50 boxes of school supplies, books, text books, and encyclopedias.  The Ntiamoah Foundation is in the process of outfitting a van to be used as a mobile library servicing 3 schools in the district.

Mercy Speach


Now that the operating rooms are complete the Ghana Hope board is planning a trip in October which will include surgeons and anesthesia staff who will be performing general surgeries and GYN surgeries.  Other members of the medical team will provide health screening clinics.  They will also develop a plan to support the 14 community based CHPS clinics where most of the outpatient care is delivered.

Beige Village round table meeting


For more information, here are a few links to news articles and the Ntiamaoh Foundation.

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